Not more than 24 hours after I added this page, I had answers from Gael in Belgium. Then more answers from Bobby from Brooklyn. I find a country based guy by the name of Jack Swanson that wrote The Party Hop. Based out of New York, he is listed with San-Lyn music publications. He wrote a dozen titles, some country, some Christmas and a couple rock and roll. Songs featured on this page are the latter. From his Grandson, Rick, I have additional information about Jack (Jarl) Swanson. Party Hop was in fact released by Bob King on RCA. It was re-worked, possibly with some new lyrics. His most successful record was "Let's Make a Fair Trade" with Donna Moon and Gary Fairburn out of Canada. He had many versions of it over the years but this album was probably his most significant work. He also wrote many songs for Don and Marie King, a couple of country singers out of Ottawa Canada. Hence the reason why some French is in his lyrics for some songs. Jack Swanson had his own band with his sister Berget Swanson and her husband Carl Swanson in his early years as they were all on the radio in Utica, NY. Carl was the Mandolin player and Berget who just passed in December 2007, was his sister who used to sing. His family immigrated here from Sweden when he was 13 and settled in New Britain, CT. He has one remaining sibling still alive in FL.

Now, here are some answers for the other songs. Both sets of records come from the Dandy Dan label, and were issued officially in 1963. Cherry Pie and Again were done by the Dial-Tones, while Darling I Love You and Miss Sweet was the second Dandy Dan record and the artist was the Teen-Tones. The Teen-Tones had Bill Shelley on the lead with Miss Sweet and Billy Sanders with the lead vocal on Darling I Love you. Other members included Sam Furco, Tommy Nelli and Dominick Scretti. When Sanders went into the service, Jan Perolla Richard joined the group and they became Jan and The Radiants. I don't have much info on the Dial-Tones, but do know that both groups were from Syracuse New York. Also, The Party Hop is still unknown, and have not been able to find the original release for it.

Pary Hop Demo
Cherry Pir/Again
This first demo has "The Party Hop" on one side and two songs on the other. "Cherry Pie", is a different version than the Marvin and Johnny classic, and "Again" are on the flip. The song "Again" is listed as "Good", and San-Lyn has publishing on all three of these sides. The Party Hop is OK, but a bit awkward in lyrics, even for the early 60's when it was recorded. Cherry Pie is not bad, but Again is the the best on this demo. A great harmony song that is quite enjoyable, performed by the Dial-Tones. The folks on the recording included Donny Jones, Wolfgang Wagner, Pete Plubeck, Paul Cartrite, Bob Jeffery guitar, and Bill Austin lead guitar. According to Bob Jeffery, it was recorded on a Sunday at Repisios studio.
Pary Hop Demo
Darling I Love You/Miss Sweet
The second record has "Party Hop" on it like the first record. The flip has "Darling I Love You" and "Miss Sweet" on the reverse. Again, music publishing by San-Lyn. The obvious thought is that Party Hop was to be the "A" side had they cut the record, but I think the records on the flips are much better. Miss Sweet is an up tempo song that is easily as good as some "B" sides of the 50's, and Darling I Love You is another really cool Doo Wop related song. This is the Teen-Tones.
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