Born in Klamath Falls Oregon, Rosie grew up in Alaska, and eventually settled in San Diego California. She learned a few basic chords on the piano and had some vocal lessons from her Aunt. She had written a poem about a teenage crush, and she turned it into a song. Rosie and the Originals claim to fame was that song, "Angel Baby", released in late 1960, and peaked on the Billboard charts at #5 in 1961. Rosie Hamlin, lead vocalist, has told the story of recording their big hit in an airplane hangar in the San Diego area. She recorded some great records in the early 1960's as she attempted to recreate the magic. Her second and final chart record was Lonely Blue Nights on Brunswick. Included on this page are all the Highland, Brunswick, and single Globe 45. Also, the mono and stereo versions of her Brunswick LP, several versions of "Angel Baby" from other countries, and a couple of radio station promos. A few reissues, a picture disc, related records, too! I also have an interview that was split into three parts as I ran it on consecutive radio shows on KVMR-FM in Nevada City. I cobined them into one, and you can listen to it HERE! It was recorded in the summer of 2003.

Rosie And The Ortiginals -  Ange; Baby First
Rosie And The Originals -  Give Me Love First
This is the first record,"Angel  Baby" on Highland 1011. It would prove to be Highland's biggest hit by far, selling millions of copies. The flip side of "Angel Baby", "Give Me Love, sounded much different then the hit. They needed something for the flip, and put this blues number on. Publishing is the dreaded Figure Music, owned by Alan Freed - who was in Los Angeles at the time - and Morris Levy. Recorded in 1960
Rosie And The Ortiginals -  Angel Baby No Lines
Rosie And The Ortiginals -  Give Me Love No Lines

Here is a  variation  of  the Highland  label that  shows no  lines in the middle of the label.    The dead wax numbers in this copy are the same as the numbers in the previous two, so it was manufactured in late 1960. Tony Gomez played the saxophone solo. He insisted he was not a sax player, and may have been one of the first times he had played it. Sadly, their regular sax player, Alfred Barrett, was unable to attend the event. He had to stay home and rake leaves.

Rosie And The Ortiginals - Angel Baby Yellow
Rosie And The Ortiginals -  Give Me Love Yellow
Same record label, same matrix and record label numbers, but it's the bright yellow version. Not uncommonly rare, but certainly less were pressed in this color. Did they run out of Orange paper? The flip was sung by local artist Bluford D Wade. Rosie had no song written for the "B" side so she enlisted Wade to make something up and sing it for them.
Rosie And The Ortiginals -  Angel Baby Red
Rosie And The Ortiginals -  Give Me Love Red
If they did run out of paper, they apparently used red as well. Everything on the label, and the dead wax numbers appear to be the same as the other color labels with and without lines. Rosie And The Originals spent the whole day in San Marcos, California, recording their song over and over again. They did it in an old barn type of building that was converted to a recording studio, complete with two track recorder. San Diego had no studios at the time.
Rosie And The Ortiginals -  Angel Baby Canada
Rosie And The Ortiginals -  Give Me Love Canada
This is the authentic Canadian release on Zircon 1025, of Angel Baby. The flip side is the same as the US issue. Note the reference to Highland records on the label. Canada had many labels of their own, but many were called "Shadow Labels" as they had no artist roster, they just pressed up US hits.
Rosie And The Ortiginals -  Angel Baby UK
Rosie And The Ortiginals -  Give Me Love UK
The UK London issue of "Angel Baby is shown." The center has been punched out for use with a 45 RPM spindle adapter. This may have been released in early 1961. On the UK issue, much of the instrumental introduction has been chopped out.
Rosie And The Ortiginals -  Angel Baby Australia
Rosie And The Originals - Give Me Love Australia
Angel Baby was such a big hit, that London pressed records for Australia,too. When they did that, the record numbers were normally different, as above. Highland records was credited, and the center piece on this example is still in tact. You can see it is a four point center versus the UK style which was three points. Are you following the writing credits? It is still an issue today, but the flip had been credited to Davis Ponci, then changing to Bluford D Wade. "Angel Baby" was clearly written by Rosie, but getting the credit is a battle that continues.
Rosie And The Originals -  Angel From Above
Rosie And The Originals -  Why Did You Leave Me
The second release was Highland # 1025 "Angel From Above". This is another fine ballad from Rosie. The flip side shown here,is "Why Did You Leave Me?".Notice the Highland letters are thinner and they are back to the orange label. The session was produced in December of 1960, but they were not issued until 1961. Both were written by Rosie, and she had proper writing credits on the label.
Rosie And The Originals -  Lonely Blue Nights Highland
Rosie And The Originals -  We'll Have A Chance
The final release, "Lonely Blue Nights" on Highland 1025, is one of two versions recorded by Rosie. The other is shown below on Brunswick records. "We'll Have A Chance" was the flip side of this Highland records release, and the Brunswick release is shown below. Again both sides penned by Rosie. It should be noted that both follow-ups to Angel Baby on Highland, were issued in early 1962, after they saw the success Rosie started to have on Brunswick.
Rosie And The Originals - Lonely Blue Nights Brunswick Promo
Rosie And The Originals -  We'll Have A Chance Brunswick Promo
With the advice and assistance of Jackie Wilson, Rosie switched to Brunswick records and recorded"Lonely Blue Nights", and had chart action on the Billboard top 100 list. This is a different version then the Highland issue. The flip is the same as the Highland 1025 release in title, but like "Lonely Blue Nights" on Brunswick, "We'll Have A Chance" was re-recorded using the Brunswick studios, and have some differences in quality and sound. The yellow label "promo" is shown. This was released in 1961 and peaked at number 66 on the Billboard pop charts.
Rosie And The Originals -  Lonely Blue Nights Brunswick Stock
Rosie And The Originals -  We'll Have A Chance Brunswick Stock
Here is the bright orange stock copy of "Lonely Blue Nights". Interestingly enough, the notation of Figure Music has been deleted from the left side of the label. Though not as big of a hit as Angel Baby, it was a great song and performance from Rosie. "Rosie Formerly With The Originals" is now shown on the labels. To my ears, this is really the better version.
cRosie And The Originals -  Lonely blue Nights UK
Rosie And The Originals -  We'll Have A Chance UK
Here is the UK issue of the minor chart hit for Rosie. The Coral label released it after it showed promise in the USA. All The Brunswick releases had Dick Jacobs as the musical arranger.
Rosie And The Originals -  My Darling Forever Brunswick Promo
Rosie And The Originals -  The Time Is Near Brunswick Promo
Rosie's follow-up on Brunswick 55213,"My Darling Forever". No real national chart activity, but it did hit some local and regional lists. The"B" side of her last release for Brunswick is "The Time Is Near".This is the Promo copy, even though it doesn't seem to mention it on the label. These two sides came from the Brunswick LP shown below. It is also listed on the right middle side of the labels above.
Rosie And The Originals -  My Darling Forever Brunswick Stock
Rosie And The Originals -  The Time Is Near Brunswick Stock
Here is the orange stock copy release. You can see that the text on the label has been slightly repositioned. This was issued in 1962.
My One And Only Love Globe
Rosie And The Originals -  Kinda Makes You Wonder Globe
This is a seldom seen recording from 1962. "My One And Only Love" was issued on the Globe record label. This song shows more of Rosie's vocal abilities. "It Kinda Makes You Wonder" is the flip. Another good side from Rosie. Not too many of these were originally pressed due to lack of distribution. Contrary to some opinions, Angie Kay, who also recorded a record on Globe - blue wax- is not Rosie. I have only seen these on black vinyl, as opposed to the Angie Kay releases that I have seen on both.
Rosie And The Originals - I Don't Understand Wax World Promo
Rosie And The Originals - I Don't Understand Wax World Promo
In 1973, Rosie Hamlin made a comeback to the recording industry, and with the assistance of Gilbert Quesada and Doug Salma, issued "I Don't Understand" on the Wax World label. Pictured above is the promotional version, which has the same song on both sides. It made it easy for the DJ to decide what to play!
Rosie And The Originals - You're No Good Wax World Stock
Rosie And The Originals - I Don't Understand Wax World Stock
This release used black and white as the label colors, which often indicated a promo release, but in this case, it is the stock copy. "You're No Good" is the plug side,indicated by the "Side 1" marking and contrary to the purple promo issue shown above this picture. Side two of this 1973 release is "I Don't Understand" by Rosie And The Originals. Both sides were produced by The Walrus, and included Gil Quesada, Bob Benay, Doug Salma and others in the creation and overall production of the record.
Above is the lone Brunswick LP that was produced in 1962. It has a classic picture of Rosie Hamlin on the cover, and the stereo indication is in the upper right of the front cover. The back side has some bio info on Rosie and some other current Brunswick albums that are for sale.
Above are the labels for the stereo LP that was produced in 1962. This is the stereo version. The record number is 754102, and the stereo records started with the "74" prefix.
This is the more common mono version of the Brunswick LP. There is no real indication on either side of the cover that it is mono/monoural. The record number starts with 54, which indicates mono.
Here are the mono Brunswick labels. The labels are decidedly different in appearance, and still does not indocate mono on the label. The stereo version does not show 33 1/3 RPM on the label like the mono copy does above.
Here is a promo version of Rosie's Monaural Brunswick LP. The front cover and back covers are the same. This copy has no DJ stanps on the cover which was often the practice in the day. The cover has a vintage autograph from Rosie at the bottom.
Here are the apparent promo labels. Notice the yellow/cream color of the label, which is associated with Brunswick promo LP's The label color is apparently the one and only indication of the promo copy as there is no lettering on the label or cover alerting you to it's status. This is a US press.
Canada got into the act, and issued at least the mono version of the LP. The cover is almost identical except it's lower quality printing and images. It also has a tiny "Printed in Canada" symbol on the extreme lower right of the back cover.
The Canadaian labels shown above have a completely different design and is maroon. The phrase "Pressed In Canada" appears near the bottom, above Microgroove.
Rosie And The Originals - KDEO Angel Baby
Little Caesar And The Romans
Here's a radio station promo 45 from KDEO AM radio 910 AM. It looks like it was issued in the early 70's, when the station format was oldies. Art Laboe, a Los Angeles DJ, put this out as a promotional item, pushing "Art Laboe's Oldies Club"on Sunset Blvd. Free copies of the disc were handed out at the door. The flip side is Little Caesar and the Romans with the classic" Those Oldies But Goodies Remind Me Of You". Art Laboe was promoting both artists, especially Little Caesar, whom he likely had publishing rights with.
Rosie And The Originals - Angel Baby Kern Promo
Rosie And The Originals - You're No Good Kern Promo
Another promotional disc, this time issued in conjunction with KERN radio in Bakersfield, California. Angel Baby was the "B" Side! This was also a freebie that was given away. The "A" side "You're No Good" was the record that Rosie was promoting at the time. In small print,the label mentions that both sides are from an LP "Rosie Remembers", which never saw the light of day.
Rosie And The Originals - KRTH Promo Angel Baby
Little Caesar And The Romans
This is a radio Station promotional release by radio station KRTH in Los Angeles. This was issued in the same way as the above disc for KDEO radio, and complete with the pairing of Little Caesar on the flip. I suspect Art Laboe may have been involved with this release, issued as a freebie not too long after KRTH signed on the air in Los Angeles.
Rosie And The Originals - Angel Baby Sparta
Sunny And The Sunliners Sparta
Here is an odd release on the Sparta label. The label mentions stereo, which indicates it could be as early as the late 60's, but more probably pressed in the early 70's. Even though stereo did show up on 45's in the late 50's, this is my best guess. The label is not the same style as the Sparta label out of Los Angeles from the early 60's. Sunny And The Sunliners occupy the flip with "Think It Over".
Rosie And The Originals Angel Baby Holiday
Incredibles Holiday
A real odd release on a short lived Holiday label. "Angel Baby" was the "A" side, the incredibles had the flip side. Very little is correct on the Angel Baby label. The writer is wrong, the "John Ackerman Production" is bogus, and the length of time for the record is too short. Looks like they did get the artist and the speed of the record right.
Interesting item that was produced in the late 90's by Erika Records. Erika was a company that specializes (still) in colored and shaped picture discs. This was produced at the same time Rosie's independently produced CD was released. This was a very limited offering, and less than 200 were manufactured. The same version of Angel Baby is on both sides of the record, and it is the version released on Rosie's CD. Click the pictures to see an enlarged view of record labels.
Robbie And The Downbeats Rosie Baby Lute
Robbie And The Downbeats Kickin Rocks Lute
An interesting record that came out in in early 1961, not long after Angel Baby was issued. This is a tribute song of sorts, and is by Robbie and the Downbeats. "Rosie Baby" is all about Rosie Hamlin and the singer's affection for her. Could it be that Robbie is Robbie Daniels as is listed of 1/2 the writer credits on both sides of the record? The promotional copy is shown by the inscription on the middle right. "Kickin Rocks" is the flip.
Rosie And The Originals Angel Baby Fake
Rosie And The Originals Dedicated To The One I Love Fake
Have you seen or heard this one before? It came out on the Starlight label in the 1990's, and also was issued on a Starlight accapella CD, too. It says Rosie and the Originals, but it's not. It doesn't even sound like her. Somebody at the label must have really been fooled to have issued this. When Rosie was asked about it at the time ACE was issuing the CD's of her music, she had never heard of the recording before. Surprise!
Rosie And Ron Bring Me Happiness Donna
Rosie And Ron So Dearly Donna

Although this record is not a fake by any means, it is not Rosie as some web sites would lead you to believe. In fact, it's also not Ron Holden, as many also think. The real identities are Lucy Duran as "Rosie" and Ralph Valdez as "Ron". "Bring Me Happiness" was the plug side, and "So Dearly" was on the "B" side. It was released on the local Donna label of Los Angeles in 1961. The Velveteens shown on the record probably included Johnny Valenzuela and I show them with their first recording on the Emma label in 1960.

The Best Of Rosie And The Originals CD
Angel Baby Revisited CD
Two CD's issued by Ace from the UK."The Best Of Rosie And The Originals" has many released and unreleased cuts. It's a really good combination of fine recordings. On the right, "Angel Baby Revisited" will complete your vintage Rosie And The Originals collection.
Updates: Rosie passed away March 30, 2017. Rosie and the originals had a great selection of records that were issued in the early 60's. Angel Baby was the hit, but many fine follow-ups were quality recordings that really deserved more attention. One added note on the Highland and Brunswick 45's. The chronological order of releases is not as straightforward as it may appear. After "Angel Baby", Rosie moved to Brunswick, were they began to issue recordings. Highland tried to capitalize on Rosie's success, and issued the two follow-ups. For a review on the Ace Rosie and The Originals CD, please visit"Rosie Review". For additional information on Rosie and the Originals, go to Rosie's web site.
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