Mickey Hawks and the Night Raiders were a hot rock and roll group from North Carolina. Best known for "Bip Bop Boom", they ripped it up wherever they played. The original group has one member, drummer Bob Matthews, checking in. See my page on the Night Raiders for more details. The story is NOT over. Seems there were several iterations of the group, and sax player Gary Hartle has checked in looking for later members. Those include Leroy Butler on drums and Gilbert Poole on organ. Other members may have included Ronald Coleman and Johnny Auman. Recognize yourself? Email me and let's get you all in touch!

The Shytones / Hi Tones were from Brooklyn, New York. The original lineup included "Found" members Bill Sangiovanni and Fred Alvarez. Gone Missing are Frank Barrata, Al Scavuzzo, Ben Passanante, and Rich Peluso. Graham Lee True and possibly a couple other guys came later on in the Shytones history. These guys had some great records in the late 50's and early 60's, including "Annette". Check out my page on the Shytones for more information. If you are amongst the missing, email me and I will hook you up.

The Hunter's IV were from the Corvallis, Oregon area, and made one record in late 1959. "I Treated You Cruel" was a local hit, released on Jim Owens "Bar" label, which due to a screw-up at the pressing plant, became Bare. Unfortunately, there were no more records to follow. Bill Clark was the original Rhythm/bass guitarist, but has not been heard from since 1962. That is when the group leader, Dwight Hunter, last had contact with him. If you are Bill Clark (bottom left in the picture) or know where he is, let me know, and I can put this piece of the puzzle together.

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