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Backstage at Pittsburgh's Red, White, And Rock, it's me and Ketty Lester (Below right). She had a solid performance with her trademark song, "Love Letters", originally released in 1962. Peaking at # five Billboard, and # two R+B, it was one of four Billboard top 100 chart hits she had in 1962. It was intended to be the "B" side of the record, but DJ's flipped "I'm A Fool To Want You" and preferred the reworking of the 1945 hit by Dick Haymes, "Love Letters." The other chart hits were "But Not For Me" (41), "You Can't Lie To A Liar" (90), and "This Land Is Your Land" (97). Born in Hope, Arkansas, she was one of fifteen children, and sang in the Church choir. Ketty Lester's first recording was on the Everest label, but her success came with the Era label.

She won an Off-Broadway Theater Award for her performance in a revival of "A Cabin in the Sky".She also appeared in films like Up Tight, Blacula, Uptown Saturday Night, and The Prisoner Of Second Avenue. She also had numerous TV appearances and roles including the soap opera Days Of Our Lives, and a regular character on popular "Little House On The Prairie."

Some great pictures of Ketty Lester, not often seen. I am in the picture to the far right, taken at the 2002 Pittsburgh show called "Red,White And Rock."
Ketty Lester - Love Letters Era
Ketty Lester -I'm A Fool To Want You Era
Here is the big hit for Ketty, "Love Letters", A Number five Billboard hit record that stayed on the charts for fourteen weeks. It peaked at number two on the R+B charts, parking for fourteen weeks. A huge hit, and a great song, from 1962.
Ketty Lester - But Not For Me
Ketty Lester - Once Upon A Time
A nice follow up for Ketty Lester, "But Not For Me" came in at number forty one, and spent seven weeks on the Billboard charts. "Once Upon A Time" was on the flip. Also from 1962.
Ketty Lester - I Trust You Baby
Ketty Lester - The Luck Of Ginger Coffey
Though not a chart hit, "I Trust You Baby" was pegged as the "A" side, and it was flipped with the theme from "The Luck Of Ginger Coffey." This was issued in 1964.
Updates: I have not seen a lot of activity with Ketty Lester in recent years. I had seen a Christian album in the mid 1980's, and a few television roles in the 1990's. She had a great career, which is never based just on chart hots, but on the great music she created and her many TV roles.
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