It seemed like there was an explosion of duets in the 50’s and into the early 1960’s.  It was no doubt fueled in part by the enormous success of Shirley and Lee early on.  Duets were nothing new, but they took on a life of their own in the rock and roll era.   A guy and a girl, two girls or two guys – all sorts of combinations and styles erupted as they all tried to have the next big hit.  I have just a few I spotlight on my website, but they were all exciting and fun to listen to.  They each had a unique story and place in history.  They may not have sold as many records as brothers Righteous or Everly, but they had a sound that was unique to each pairing. Some enjoyed solo work before or after their duets, and none can be forgotten as the chapters of rock and roll history continue to be written.

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