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Top Picture

Here is  Rosie Hamlin  and myself  at the Nevada County Fair,  held in  August of 2003. She was one of 4 performers at the "Rockin With The Oldies" show.She came on third and pleased the crowd of 800-1000 people. Her and I were backstage when this picture was taken.

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Angel Baby
Give Me Love
Her biggest hit was "Angel Baby". Here is the most common orange label Highland label release. Rosie and the Originals went on to record 2 more for Highland, two plus an Album for Brunswick (As Rosie, formally of the Originals), and a couple others. The flip "Give Me Love",is a bluesy song done on the spur of the moment. They had Angel Baby, but realized they needed something for the other side!
Lonely Blue Nights
Well Have A Chance
The second biggest hit  "Lonely Blue Nights" was recorded for the  Brunswick label. A great song  with chart action  on the Billboard  top 100, it also led to an album release. The flip side is "We'll Have A Chance". See the complete Rosie story with label shots HERE.

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